About BeaverTW

BeaverTW has provided quality construction equipment hire and services that our many clients have come to count on. We put quality, safety, productivity and cost savings before anything.

We are delighted to offer products from Preston Australia to our clients. Preston Australia are the leaders in providing specialised construction equipment hire and sale, support and services to the Australian construction sector for over 40 years and are proud of their history, their people and their reputation for trusted and reliable service.


BeaverTW's mission is to provide the highest quality products with the highest safety standards and services to our clients, supported by innovative use of the best in current technology, cost-efficient practices and safety initiatives. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectation and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our team.

Meeting the standard is good. Setting the standard is better. 


SuperAccess is a multi-function engineered innovative Australian patented access system designed and manufactured using galvanised rigid Boxes to design and install engineered structures such as SuperTower, SuperStairs, SuperBarrier, SuperScaffold, SuperChute, SuperFence, SuperRamp, SuperStorage, SuperWalkway, SuperHoarding, SuperPlatform, SuperProp, SuperScreen, SuperShoring, SuperBeam, SuperCage, or anything else you want it to be to simplify access solutions on site or for the public.  

SuperAccess is an intelligent, versatile and multi-purpose product which has brought superior safety, increased productivity and cost savings. The biggest continued benefits our clients see on their site is reduced labour and cost and greatly increased safety. The main reason the Preston system reduces labour and therefore cost and greatly increases safety on site is due to minimum labour and reduced risks on site as our product is pre-assembled off-site, transported to site as a modular unit which is ready to be lifted by a crane in one lift on-site and positioned into place and ready to use in hours not weeks. This fact alone cuts out hours, days and weeks of labour on-site.

Take a look at our product range and some of our extensive project portfolio to see the application of the Preston access systems on site and how we can be of benefit to you by reducing your on-site risk and greatly improving safety  on-site.


When you deal with BeaverTW you are dealing with a company that takes your business very personally. Our motto here at BeaverTW is to exceed client's expectations and standards.

We understand the pressures and demands of construction these days and therefore we are a solution based company who provide innovative products and ideas. We focus on how to improve your current methods on site to reduce labour, save cost and increase productivity.

We offer a large range of safe, secure, innovative and well-engineered access solutions. At BeaverTW we put the client first and ensure that we are providing improved, safe and efficient solutions to your site requirements, problems and demands.

We take your project personally and seriously, we have given great thought and consideration to current methods on site and our innovative and engineer-minded design team have designed solutions which saves substantial costs and time to builders. Current methods and systems on site take weeks, our solution-driven equipment takes hours (not weeks) to install, cuts out labour and cost on site with easy and non-laborious application.

When comparing prices you must consider your long term savings, productivity gains and unforeseeable contingent costs.


This is why BeaverTW is different, we want to be different and we are setting new standards in the industry.

No matter how complex or large your demand is - we either have your solution or we will design your solution.