The patented SuperBridge™ has provided public, motor vehicle, truck, machinery movement and worker access on site and increasing efficiency and productivity for the builder by moving people across from one point to another with or without overhead protection. Designed to simplify and provide a solution for public access, project and builder needs on site.


SuperBridge™ is a temporary or permanent public, motor vehicle, truck, machinery movement and or site worker Access Bridge which can be custom made to suit your requirements on site. SuperBridge™ can move pedestrians, machinery or heavy trucks. It can be weather proof and also provides 10 KPA roof protection.

To further assist our clients, the SuperBridge™ is quick to install and a 35m free span bridge can take as little as 1 day to install.

To hire our SuperBridge™, contact BeaverTW today on: 01743 811 813

SuperBridge™ - Case Study

  1. Wembley - SuperBridge™
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