SuperDeck™ and SuperDeck II™


The SuperDeck™ has been the preferred choice on construction projects globally for almost two decades. It is designed to simplify the handling of materials, particularly on multi-storey construction sites. The SuperDeck™ has saved our clients time and money and has greatly increased safety and productivity.


The SuperDeck™ loading platforms are fitted with fixed safety harness points to allow units to be vertically stacked and rolled in and out as required – as opposed to being staggered in the traditional deck configuration – which increases the efficiency of materials handling by minimising hindrance to crane ropes and loads for faster, safer and more cost-effective crane operation.

Extending from 4.5m to 5.25m out from the side of a building, SuperDecks™ can be extended or retracted by one person and are rated for a universally safe working load of 5 tonnes. They also offer quicker installation and relocation times of approximately 15 minutes, compared to over one hour for conventional loading decks.


To further assist our clients, BeaverTW also offers installation assistance on our SuperDeck™ product and will liaise with engineering partners to meet any special project requirements.

With experience working alongside leading construction industry companies, you can count on us to provide the assistance you need to get every project completed safely and efficiently. We understand the pressures faced in construction and we provide a service that simply gets your job done.

Through our European distribution network, BeaverTW meets the needs of leading building and construction companies across the globe.

To purchase our SuperDeck™ loading platform range and to find out the contact for our global network of distributors, contact us today on 01743 811 813.

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